General information about airline regulations etc.

Useful Resources:

Complaint Filing Options

Look here for all your options for filing a complaint, including addresses, who to send your complaint letter to, links for Federal Agencies that oversee these services, and so on.

Most Common Complaints Against Airlines

Here you can read about most of the common complaints against airlines and what you can do, including who you might want to send your complaint letter to.

SEC Corporate Records Search

To file a claim against an Airline you must serve your complaint on the airline’s registered agent for service of process. Do a search Securities & Exchange Commission for the Airline’s information and find out in which state you may want to file.  You then will have to search for the Secretary of State Corporate Records for the State you wish to file in to obtain the registered agent’s information.

Understanding the Corporate Defendant

Identifying the proper defendant can sometimes make the difference between collecting a hard fought judgment and beginning again at square one. Learn how to properly name the right defendant the first time.

Write Your Congressman

If you have experienced problems with discrimination, poor treatment as a disabled traveler, or other systemic air travel complaints, you may want to contact members of the congressional aviation subcommittee whose purpose it is to watchdog and create legislation to protect consumers from airline abuse.

Legal Resources:

Relevant Legal Cases

Check out cases that may impact your action in the jurisdiction you choose to file.


Look up relevant case law and statutes.

International Treaties

Warsaw Convention & Montreal Convention and Hague Protocol

Disabilities and Air Travel Rights

Air Travel Rights and Regulations for Disabled Passengers

Miscellaneous Resources:


Airline Directory

Here you will find links to almost every major airline on the web, consumer protection groups, forums, legal assistance bureaus and other related sites plus their e-mail address if applicable. The web site links are listed in categories – just click on a category and finds the sites your looking for.

Air Travel in the EU

Check out for the latest legislation regarding new air travel rights in the EU

Regulation EC No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council

The European Union has established rights ensuring airline passengers are treated properly. These new passenger rights apply to scheduled and chartered flights, both domestic and international, and to all types of airlines, from full-service to low-fare. If a passenger is denied boarding or if a flight is cancelled, the airline must offer financial compensation and assistance. When a flight is overbooked, an airline must first ask for volunteers to give up their seats in return for either a refund of the ticket (with a free flight back to any original point of departure) or alternative transportation to the final destination. If a passenger is not a volunteer, the airline must pay between 250 and 600 Euros in compensation. The airline must also provide meals and drinks, hotel bookings when appropriate (including transfers) and outlets for communication. The same refunds, alternative transportation arrangements, meal and other provisions must be adhered to for flight cancellations and certain long delays, including the election of a full ticket refund in the face of a delay of 5-hours or more. Provisions for damaged baggage and injury or death are also provided, as well as special considerations for package holidays.